Exclusive Video Releases PRESENTS… A G-Terra Visual Audio ft Rick Ross!

G-Terra – DON DADA ft. Rick Ross (Official Audio)


Elmina Dance Academy “THE GIFT” PERFORMANCE [Part2]

The collaboration between the Elmina Dance Academy from Ghana and G-Terra is an excellent example of how music and dance can come together to create something truly exceptional. The dance videos and movie scenario clips that the academy created to promote the dance video to G-Terra’s song “The Gift” are a testament to their skill and dedication to their craft. It’s inspiring to see dancers from different parts of the world come together to showcase their talents and create something Amazing. This is what music needs right now Support, share & tell a friend.

When G-Terra announced that he will be dropping the new video featuring the Elmina Dance Academy, fans of both the music artist and the dance academy couldn’t wait to see what’s in store. This collaboration is not only an excellent opportunity for the dancers to showcase their talents on a global stage, but it also highlights the importance of cross-cultural collaborations in the arts. It’s exciting to see how music and dance can bring people from different parts of the world together and create something that transcends cultural boundaries. Just… PRESS PLAY!!!

The Pre-Release of G-Terra “A Time in Mexico”

Watch now… Official Drop this Friday in worldwide Music Stores.

G-Terra A Time in #MEXICO 🇲🇽 #PreRelease

The song was inspired by old tales & recent events in the news, I felt the need to attach the situation in Mexico to my narrative, though I started off writing about Jamaica, USA & other places, the feelings were already there & once I thought about Mexico, all the sounds in the beat started coming to life. It made more sense to address sonically & thought wise, especially with no one really ever addressing these situations in song format. A Time in Mexico is definitely a “Must Hear” track right now If your looking for fresh new sounds & versatility. DOWNLOAD the song on ITunes, Amazon & more this on release date March 17th, 2023. SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT. Sign Up

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Exclusive Video Releases now active & this is our very 1st Official Dance Video Upload, G-Terra The GIFT [Performance by Elmina Dance Academy]. It’s definitely a proud moment for the whole team, ths fans, supporters & global movement overall, Big Respect to the youths of Elmina, Ghana for creating such a buzz with their amazing dance moves as “The GIFT” appealed to them & they took it to the streets with no hesitation creating one of the hottest dance challenges for the beginning of 2023, no one seems to even want to contest them right now. The Elmina Dance Academy just created history with their energetic dance moves & global appeal, it’s most likely they will be touring with G-Terra in the near future, especially on shows in Ghana & hopefully throughout Africa. We look forward to a United effort on this matter as music & dance go together perfectly in performance. We ask all our watchers to please share & spread awareness if you wish to support. THANK YOU!

G-Terra The GIFT [Performance by Elmina Dance Academy]



Big up Mi #Ghana Youths Dem🇬🇭

Big up to Everyone who is really supporting the youths of today.. from Jamaica to Africa & Globally people say the children are the future.. well.. let’s treat them with love, respect & guidance.

Di youths need food, clothes & shelter.. let’s support them.. let’s support each other to support them, Let’s not squander on insignificant matters⚡

Elmina Dance AcademyElmina, Ghana🙏🏾🌎🎶

#thankyou we are #happy to see you all happy.

From G-Terra Terra Entertainment Group. Solgie Rokcstone Rokcstone Entertainment/Agency/ProductionsBYB Enterprises#ODT BIG LUV💯

It is the greatest feeling to see people feeling happy & thankful, this is what we are here for, to support & love each other, to elevate the youths, help & guide them, with that being said, lets dive into this wonderful little poem about Ghana, as we celebrate the Unity in this movement.

GHANA – A Poem written by G-Terra – Exclusive Video Releases

A land of golden sands and shining sun, Ghana, a nation that’s one, With rhythms of life that never cease, A place where hospitality’s a masterpiece.

From Accra’s busy streets to Cape Coast’s shores, There’s beauty everywhere that one adores, The colors of Kente, the drum beats and song, In Ghana, culture and tradition are never gone.

The lush green forests and wildlife that roam, From Mole National Park to Volta’s home, Nature’s wonders take us to another place, Ghana, a land of contrasts that we embrace.

From the history of the Ashanti and the slave trade, To the modern-day hustle where dreams are made, Ghana, a land of promise, hope, and pride, A country where progress and unity reside.

So, let us raise our voices in celebration Of Ghana, a land of hope and inspiration, With a future that’s bright and full of grace, A country that we love and deeply embrace.

THE WORKOUT SESSIONS – Exclusive Video Releases

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Brought To You by G-Terra, Rokcstone Prod, & The Elmina Dance Academy, Ghana.

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