“Jealousy in the Workplace: How to Overcome Competitiveness and Build Unity”

The Danger of Envy: How it Can Destroy Relationships and Success… U never did a thing to em.. as they go.. negative feelings & envious emotions made U their Foe.. they’ll hate u fast cus they’re slow.. they’ll hate to see u in the sun.. cus there’s snow.. don’t fold up.. wen u get hot.. u can clearly see who want u cold up.. so.. cold cut.. if they wanted to be cops.. they coulda went & got their badge.. & ride around eating donuts.. instead of hoping we’d slow up.. while they eat their next bucket of KFC thighs & drum sticks.. ShoNUFF.. They talk big but it’s mostly #BOGUS#ACTIONS mean everything in this reality.. your thoughts are just thoughts until there’s clarity & they’re happening… HOLD UP.. Don’t you want good for you.. so what makes me different when I got children to feed too.. how can favoritism be in your mix after all we’ve been through… & Our people were spread across the world in separation.. yet you choose to view me like a animal in the zoo.. when u have a brother that looks just like I do. ( RAW POETRY by G-Terra)

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"Jealousy in the Workplace: How to Overcome Competitiveness and Build Unity"

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Jealousy in the Workplace: How to Overcome Competitiveness and Build Unity”

This passage is a powerful reflection on the nature of jealousy and envy, and how these emotions can cause people to turn against others without justification. People get caught up in situations in which they have done nothing wrong, yet still find themselves the target of hatred and resentment from others. This is a common experience for many people who have experienced success or achieved certain goals, and it can be incredibly difficult to cope with.

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The truth is evident & you can observe to see the way that some people seem to revel in the misfortune of others, rather than focusing on their own goals and aspirations. Also note that those who are quick to hate others are often slow to achieve their own ambitions, and may even enjoy seeing others fail… because they feel like failures themselves. This is a toxic mindset that can hold people back from reaching their full potential, and it’s important to be aware of the ways in which envy can impact our behavior and relationships. A whole generation can be held back if they all hate each others moves.

Another key theme in this passage is the idea of holding ourselves accountable for our actions. The words people utter are meaningless without action, and that it’s important to follow through on our promises and intentions if they are good. This is a valuable reminder that we must take responsibility for our own behavior and the impact that we have on others, and work to align our actions with our values and beliefs. Not doing this is a waste of time, the most precious thing we have… Time.

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“The Psychology of Envy: How to Recognize and Overcome this Toxic Emotion”

Finally, let us highlight the importance of unity and solidarity among people who share a common identity or experience. It is counterproductive to view others as inferior or unworthy, especially when we have so much in common. This is a powerful message that underscores the need for empathy and compassion, and the importance of building bridges between different communities and cultures. Ultimately, this passage challenges us to consider how we treat others, and how we can work towards a more just and equitable world. WE CAN DO IT.. Still… It’s starts with US.

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