“Inspiring Music Facts You Need to know Right Now”

Inspiring Music Facts You Need to know Right Now, You been doing music all this time.. you know why nobody knows you.. because your fake friends are hiding you.. they known you for years.. and for years.. They never shared anything about you.. it’s not your fault.. many wanted to be the #STAR so they all fought against each other.. in tribal war.. & NONE OF THEM MADE IT.. THEY ALL FAILED.. even the ones that won were sucked into the jealousy wormhole.. the loop of hatred became their demise (Nipsey Hussle, XXXTentacion).. yet still.. The crowd cheers on as if nothing happened.. a monkey like fellowship over stupidity seems to increase, the things that really matter don’t peak their interests.. they claim to work so hard only to find others to invest their coin & time with.. their own families left behind quick.. That’s why I said.. If they’re not coming with 20-30 Million.. I AIN’T SIGNING SPIT.. A culture not spoken for.. Because it is represented by cowards.. Vultures growing more.. they’re in resent of my power.. Their cuts are now open soars & the sharks are here to devour.. for years we asked you to open doors.. & U PUSSIES ACTED SOUR. Watching thrones.. Watch the #TAKEOVER) G-Terra (OPEN MINDED POETRY by G-Terra)

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Inspiring Music Facts You Need to know Right Now"

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Inspiring Music Facts You Need to know Right Now”

It is understandable to feel frustrated and disappointed when the people you thought were your friends and supporters do not show the same level of dedication and loyalty towards your music career as you have. It is important to remember, however, that success in the music industry is not solely based on talent and hard work, but also on a complex network of connections, opportunities, and timing. Sometimes, even the most talented and hardworking artists struggle to get noticed or appreciated, while others who may not have the same level of skills or dedication, can achieve fame and fortune through a stroke of luck or a well-placed connection.

It is also unfortunate that the music industry, like many other creative fields, can be rife with competition, envy, and backstabbing. It is easy to get caught up in the race for fame and forget the real purpose of making music, which is to express oneself and connect with others. When artists focus solely on their own success and view others as threats or obstacles, they risk losing sight of their art’s true value and alienating themselves from their fans and peers.

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Furthermore, the culture of investing in artists’ careers can be fraught with challenges and risks, especially for those who are just starting. It is not uncommon for investors to prioritize profit over artistry and to pressure artists to conform to market trends and expectations, often at the expense of their creativity and vision. It is important for artists to be aware of these dynamics and to seek out supportive and trustworthy partners who share their values and vision.

In conclusion, while it is understandable to feel frustrated and resentful towards the people who did not support your music career, it is essential to focus on what matters most, which is creating meaningful and authentic music that resonates with your audience. Success in the music industry is not guaranteed, but with perseverance, hard work, and a supportive network of fans and collaborators, it is possible to make a lasting impact and leave a meaningful legacy.

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