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G-Terra Music is Inspired by many great artists from the early to late 90’s & also other artists of the 2000’s. A Versatile catalog of music & perhaps thee most versatile releases rests under G-Terra’s belt as the artist has been releasing music consistently since 2006. Tons of unreleased tracks from the mixtape days can be heard on Reverbnation though many of them never made it to the public media music stores that now dominate the indie music market. Listen to the most prolific, game changing independent releases from the original creative himself.. Follow the Movement, follow the music.

G-Terra Biography

Born and raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica, G-Terra is very passionate about music and has been doing it for years, achieving a new level of diversity. Different sounds & styles of writing. Another lyrical professional is here. Also Half Of The Super Duo OfficialEmperor who have Countless Independent releases under their belt on their Own Label (Terra Ent Group & 7AngelsMusic LLC.) Accolades extend from features with HipHop platinum artist DJ Unk, G-Terra won best Independent Reggae Artist for the year 2011 & is featured on Tons of underground rappers songs. Now one of the Most Sought out Reggae/Dancehall artists on the Underground due to Major buzz in Canada, New York, North Carolina radio & tons of College & Internet radio DJ’s playing records like “KAWASAKI” Written & Produced by Gareth G-Terra Hay, co-writers, Knox St Michael Ewers, Anthony DJ Unk Platt. With over 200,000 youtube, vimeo, & other video networks hits combined the Independent Artist G-Terra is making a Mark in Music History at this very moment. G-Terra along with younger brother St Michael form the Super duo OfficialEmperor now have two albums on the Music Market, Without Prejudice vol 1 & Without Prejudice 1.2 Deluxe edition. 

From countless radio interviews to shows all over USA Independently G-Terra started in Spanish Town winning his 1st Talent competition at the age of 9 years old.

He won a Tastee Talent competition at age 11 & decided to start writing his own songs but was very shy & didn’t start to sing out to people until about age 14 in High school. Terra became very serious about Music after giving up Soccer dreams for what seemed a more fitting Career from his World view.

First Inspiration was Bob Marley & this made Terra realize with Music you can make a Bigger difference in the World, If Only You can Write a Song That Can Touch everyone in a Positive way & uplift them, This is why G-Terra does Music.

G-Terra was Inspired mostly by Sizzla, Capleton, Luciano, & Most Definitely Bob Marley & Peter Tosh.


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