Music Marketing Services


Organic youtube Marketing for all Videos.

Get Organic youtube views likes, shares, comments and subscriptions.

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Music Marketing Services and more, take your marketing and promotions to the next level with KECHI (Digital Music Marketing) Including social media blasts, email marketing, next, viral campaigns, branding, additionally… design & logo creation etc.

You might ask… what’s more amazing about this service? Well.. why don’t you take a small trial & find out.

In addition to these services we optimize your promotional tools to increase engagement across social media and then music media channels as well. We show proof of work throughout the campaign again and again, besides, there’s no other way to do it.

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Music Marketing Services

Music Marketing Services and more

Marketing Services and moreSocial media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Although the terms e-marketing and digital marketing are still dominant in academia, social media marketing is becoming more popular for both practitioners and researchers. We specialize in email marketing and then target marketing to get the most coverage for your product, brand, music, merchandize etc. Get Lit with Kechi.


Music Marketing Services and more

We help artists from any part of the globe by getting their music on curator’s playlists. Moreover, Get More Real Streams & New Fans by Getting the Music on Popular Active Playlists, additionally helping musicians to earn More money from organic Spotify marketing, further creating a bigger buzz for your music.

Next… Our consistent marketing campaigns will help you to get noticed by Spotify curators. Our most powerful campaigns are done by email & target marketing to global new fans who may become your long term fans overall.. Get Lit with Kechi.

“Kechi” is a music promotion company that offers services to help artists get their music on popular curated playlists, increase their streams overall, and gain new fans.

The company understands that in today’s music industry, getting noticed by Spotify curators is critical to an artist’s success, and their marketing campaigns aim to achieve just that, furthermore by using targeted email and global marketing strategies, we can help artists gain exposure and lastly build a loyal fanbase.

In addition to promoting an artist’s music on Spotify, “Kechi Digital Marketing” offers organic marketing campaigns that help to create a buzz around an artist’s music. With more streams, an artist can earn more money, and with a larger fanbase, they can gain more opportunities for gigs and collaborations.

Overall, “Kechi” is an excellent resource for artists looking to take their music to the next level by utilizing effective marketing strategies to gain more exposure and success in the music industry.

Music Marketing Services and more