The Gift

by G-Terra

Release date: 12-Jan-2023

Label: Terra Entertainment Group, Rokcstone Productions

Primary Genre: Reggae

Secondary Genre: Soundtrack


G-Terra “THE GIFT” Pre-Release

G-Terra “THE GIFT” Pre-Release, Written & Produced by G-Terra & Solgie Rokcstone, On a beat by SlickWidit Records. This was supposed to be a christmas record but due to the fact I do not celebrate these ritualistic holidays, I decided to push it out on my Birthday this January 12th, 2023. Definitely set to be one of the most Energetic releases for 2023, the song speaks on life in the streets with a unique twist though, using the christmas carol chant in the beat.. G-Terra vocally aligns himself touching on the many murders & imprisonments happening through the year even during the holiday season. The story travels through the reality of the cold streets of 2022.. giving inspiration to make the right choices & give love to everyone instead of wasting time being deadly & destructive. The Choices you make to accept yourself & be happy with who you are will free you from being controlled by vanity & people who would try to swindle you with shining objects. DO RIGHT.. Cus we No Want no more Violent Night… Gunshot a buss a like a Lightning strike.. Listen now & Download the Pre-Release at the available link. “THE GIFT” will be available in all music stores globally this thursday, please remember to follow & support on your favorite Music Oulets.


IF YOU BUY DIRECT ON PAYPAL – contact g7terra@gmail.com for the release

2 thoughts on “G-Terra “THE GIFT” OUT NOW

  1. This song (“The Gift”) by international Reggae Pop Fusion Singer,Songwriter & Performer (“G-Terra”) is one of my favorite and sets the tone at a high standard.The quality music written and performed and produced by (“G-Terra’s”) Artistic abilities is second to none,his Sykes and delivery is so on point,a master at work vocalizing and delivering bars by bars,notes by notes and many different actives and melodies that whenever you hear and listens to any of (“G-Terra’s”) songs you instantly glued and become a fans.I personally love listens and enjoy (“G-Terra’s”) music,and is very proud to have the chance to listen and hear his music.(“G-Terra’s Song The Gift”) is definitely again one of my favorite banger,and sets the tone to be a global chart topper.

  2. G-Terra is one of the greatest lyricist and vocalists out there right now,and his music is not just for today,but for years to come.May the Spirits of our Ancestors and The Divine Mighty Yahweh and his greatest Divine Angels of host continues to bless,guides,and protect G-Terra in all his musical journey and futuristic endeavors.

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