“How Negative Energy and Poverty Destroyed the Black Family: A Story of Deception”

How Negative Energy and Poverty Destroyed the Black Family: A Story of Deception

One of the fisrt things they did..

Went after the strongest females..

Offer them money & government help to elevate their status.. Then they defeat the black brother by constantly feeding him negative energy systematically.. mostly by way of poverty and lack of opportunity.. a deception in the matrix to separate the black family.. once the bait was taken.. the separation began.. then the children were left vulnerable, wide open To be inspired by other weird forces meant to deceive them into taking on ways & characteristics that do not belong to them.. this is where the ultimate brain programming begins that shapes a child into what they think they could be.. so instead of little boys and girls growing up to like each other.. now they don’t know what they are.. hence the next levels of psychopathy. Still.. any sensible human knows we need man & woman to coexist in order for the continuation of life, besides there is no better way to make things than they were made by the Almighty creator, & it seems that this is what some men have a problem with. “Weird Forces and Psychopathy: The Consequences of Separating Black Children from their Roots”

“Brain Programming and the Loss of Identity: The Tragic Result of Separating the Black Family”

Fight for your rights to have a #FAMILY To Truly be #FREE to liv Life without fear of foolish men.. #Fight for Lov.. for the benefit of the children..

“The Destruction of Black Unity: How Separation and Deception Led to a Generation of Lost Souls”

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