Darkness of Uncertainty: Reason a Memory of the Past

“Reason’s Last Stand: The End of Rational Thought”

Gone are the days of reasoned debate, When facts and logic held their weight, Now emotions reign supreme, And reason seems like a forgotten dream.

Opinions now are formed by memes, And shared on social media streams, We don’t bother to check the source, As long as it reinforces our course.

Rational thought has lost its place, In the era of the endless race, To prove our point, and win the fight, Ignoring reason, as if it has no right.

The truth is lost in the noise, Of echo chambers, where we rejoice, In the comfort of our own beliefs, Ignoring evidence that brings us grief.

We need to bring back the power, Of reason in our discourse tower, To build bridges, not walls of hate, And save ourselves from our own fate.

Let us use our minds to think, And not let emotions lead us to the brink, Of a world where reason is just a memory, And we’re left in the darkness of uncertainty.

The Sound of Silence: The Loss of Truth in the Noise

Did the tree stop producing fruit because you don’t eat it?🧐 Did the sun stop shining because u complained about the heat??

Why would people you know support corporations.. instead of you with less opportunity.. less finance, no investment or big name backing.. hmmm.. then they hate on you your whole career.. obviously showing in silence.. that they would rather see you #GONE Still #ThankYou (you know what they want u to do) but I decided to never give up on myself.. because loving friends, fam & strangers I don’t know keep motivating me to keep pushing in #MUSIC I have many skills and could make a lot more money in many other areas.. still.. I really love this🌎🙏🏾 Truth is.. we don’t really need each other.. we work with who’s willing to work with us #HONESTLY💯🎶 (Should I block you in the future for blocking my way in the past?.. an eye for an eye we both lose our sight.. two wrongs won’t make things right?) Then again.. there are the various #ADDICTIONS & mind control programming.. high levels of witchcraft that makes people do (What the rest of the world does) #Poisonous#Trends of #Poverty & #Destruction

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Echo Chambers: The Death of Reasoned Debate

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