“New Remix Alert: Amankrado and G-Terra’s ‘Party’ Featuring Chart-Topping Ghanaian”

Ghana’s music scene is buzzing with excitement as news spreads that Amankrado GH and G-Terra’s hit single “Party” is set to receive a remix featuring one of the biggest up & coming names in the country’s music industry. The announcement has sparked anticipation and curiosity as fans eagerly await the reveal of the mystery Ghanaian artist set to join the project. With the original track set for release on April 21st, the song preview is already making waves, the remix is sure to take things to the next level, amplifying the energy and danceable rhythm, it’s sure to make “Party” a fan favorite. As the anticipation builds, many are left to guess who the major Ghanaian artist could be and what kind of fresh perspective they’ll bring to the already explosive single. Stay tuned for the Original release Amankrado GH “PARTY” ft G-Terra.

The Well awaited PARTY Loaded for Apr 21st.
Amankrado GH ft G-Terra is creating suspense.. & still.. Ghana🇬🇭 we just got an Amazing look from a Ghana A-List rising superstar artist for the REMIX (Tell us who you think it is)

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