G-Terra Climbing The Airplay Charts

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G-Terra Climbing The Airplay Charts, another thoroughbred outta the Rokcstone Entertainment/Agency/ProductionsBYB Managemenť camp 🏕️ hailing from Spanish Town, 🇯🇲 debuted at 126 on the Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts last week with the smoking’ single “Island 🏝️Breeze🌬️” Co-produced by Carvery out of Montreal, Canada 🇨🇦

Executive produced by Bronco Always for BYB Enterprises/ Terra Entertainment Group.

G-Terra – ISLAND BREEZE – Riddim Prod by Carvery

Ex prod by BYB, Rokcstone Prod & Terra Ent Group.


Island Breeze Debuted at #126 On the Global Top 150 Independent charts & is now rising as it garners thousands of spins on Local & International radio stations globally. The single was released September 2, 2022 & is now being pushed into the music market as the leading single amongst the latest G-Terra Music releases. With over 1,200 Spins just this past week G-Terra is steadily rising toward the Top 200 International Airplay charts & the single might just be set to dominate the music market with it’s authenticity & original style & flow, radio programmers are calling it a breath of fresh air for radio right now as it doesn’t sound like anything else, which means it stands out, lets hope that does some magic for the record. Everyone can definitely look forward to a music video for this record as the team is now in synopsis mode with the visual works, not to mention.. a tour is also brewing so we can look forward to much excitement in the G-Terra movement right now. Stream & Download the Hit single now available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, AppleMusic, BoomPlay, Youtube & more.


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