Wake up to the light and you are there.

I wake up to the morning light, And take a deep breath, with all my might, My heart beats strong, my lungs fill with air, I’m alive, and oh so aware.

The world around me, so full of life, Birds singing, bees buzzing, no strife, The trees sway in the gentle breeze, And the sun warms my skin with ease.

I’m alive, and I feel so free, There’s so much in this world to see, From the mountains high, to the oceans deep, Every moment is a treasure to keep.

I may face hardships along the way, But I’ll keep going, day by day, For I know that I’m alive, And I’ll keep pushing, and I’ll thrive.

With every breath, and every beat of my heart, I’m grateful for this life, right from the start, I’m alive, and I’ll make the most of it all, through the days & nights I’ll carry on.

There’s a world out there to explore, Filled with wonders and much more, Feel the sun upon your face, Let your heart take its rightful place.

Chase your dreams with all your might, And don’t give up without a fight, For every moment is a gift, And every challenge can uplift.

Remember that you’re not alone, There’s always someone to help you hone, Your skills, your talents, your truest self, Let your heart guide you to that wealth.

So hold on tight, and take that leap, For life is short, but it’s yours to keep, Embrace the journey, every twist and turn, For you’re alive, and there’s so much to learn.

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